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Happy Easter

Hope you’re all enjoying your Easter weekend. We’ve had some excellent weather, although apparently it’s set to change tomorrow when we’re heading off to a BBQ.

I had grand plans to make several Easter crafts including a Simnel cake and a couple of decorated polystyrene eggs. But life got in the way so I didn’t manage most of what I’d planned.

I have a few decorated eggs, including a couple of beautiful Polish ones, so I managed to make myself an Easter tree, although I have to confess it’s looking a little beyond its best at the moment as the twigs/branches really need replacing.
Polish Easter eggsv
I really wanted to make some decoupage eggs following this tutorial on the Martha Stewart website. I’m a bit short on time at the moment so I thought I’d simplify the design and use some beautiful red and gold paper I bought when I went to Japan a couple of years ago.

I simply cut a piece of paper the same size as the egg and then cut a series of slits in the top so that the edges would overlap when pasted onto the egg.
Origami decoupage egg
I’m pretty pleased with the results and I’ll do this craft again when I have a little more time. Particularly now that I have two polystyrene eggs waiting to be used!
Rain on poppy
I’ll leave you with this glorious poppy complete with spring rain. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.


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