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Recently I had a lovely visit from my Mum and Auntie. While they were here they made themselves incredibly useful (Mum hemmed a pair of curtains and did out ironing – you are wonderful Mum!).

We went to an incredible garden centre called Schilliger, which looked like something straight from the pages of Country Living or any of the Martha Stewart magazines. At said garden centre we purchased the makings of a couple of large pots for our balcony, which my lovely Auntie then planted up.
Spring Pots
I’m super pleased with how these pots look, partially because the pots are actually plastic but don’t look hideously plastic, and partially because I think they look really designery. I think my mistake in the past has been being a little mean on the plants. I love the grape hyacinths and the rosemary and lavendar should make sitting outside in the evening with a glass of wine a very fragrant experience.

Muscari and French Lavender

These always remind me of the flower fairies, they look like they could be used as umbrellas

Today Mark, Bea and I all went to the lovely Morges Tulip Fesitval. It’s meant to be on until the end of the month but to be honest I think most of the tulips will be dead by then. All the tulips looked gorgeous, Mark mentioned that we should have sneaked some scissors in to take some home but I don’t think we’d have got away with it. I was amazed by how many different types there were.
Morges Tulip FestivalPink TulipsYellow Frilly TulipPointy TulipsFluffy TulipsStriped TulipsI’m aware that a more committed blogger would have got all the names of these tulips for you so that you could order bulbs for your garden next year…alas I did not do that so you’ll have to just take the pictures to a garden centre, or try matching them up with a catalogue.

Hope you had a lovely weekend whatever you did, and Happy Birthday Mum!


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I’ve not been very well this week hence my delay in finishing the posts about our holiday in France.

I did want to show you some pictures of the wonderful chocoloate and chestnut gateau Kimberly and I made from the Rick Stein French Odessey book

This is one hell of a rich chocoloate cake (it doesn’t contain any flour if that gives you any indication of the gateauyness of it!).

We served it with creme fraiche, or vanilla ice cream. I’d definetly make this again but I think you could feed about 10 people with it (actually 12 probably wouldn’t be asking too much).

Gateau Lyonnais with creme fraiche

Gateau Lyonnais with creme fraiche

And I leave you a couple of flowers and a rather pretty spider on a web from our little back garden.
Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia

Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia

Blue Passion Flower

Blue Passion Flower

Spider on a web from the washing line

Spider on a web from the washing line

I’ll miss the garden lots when we move to Switzerland so I hope that we can find somewhere with space for at least a few pots and a patch of lawn.

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Birthday cake and flowers

Sorry people I know I’m rubbish – I started off so well my updating you all so frequently and it’s all gone a bit to pot now!

Anyway here’s an update on what’s happening and some excuses as to why I haven’t done a blog post more recently. We’re hoping to get our flat on the market to sell so there’s been lots of extra curricular activity, but most of it has been of the painting doors, cleaning ovens and de-cluttering variety. These are things that I’m not convinced you want to see pictures of.

So this weekend it was my Mum’s 60th birthday party…and the tea cosy was not finished. However I really am getting there, I just need to sew it all together now, so hopefully you’ll get a picture of that soon!

60th Birthday Cake
I did make a cake though (with a little help from my sister). I made the cake, bottom tier chocolate, top tier lemon. It’s using a recipe from BBC Good Food for a wedding cake. Icing cakes is quite difficult I’ve decided, but I was pretty pleased with the results.

The chocolate layer was very moist and is about a million calories – lots of chocolate and sour cream in it. The lemon is also very moist because you put holes in it using a skewer and then poor lemon syrup over the top. It uses a lemon buttercream filling which is so easily, and very delicious so will definitely be doing that again.

The topper (see close up below) was made by my sister using coloured icing and then cutting it out into shapes. Then she put bits of wire in (now this was floristry wire which I’m not convinced is OK…but as it was just family and friends I wasn’t too worried).
Pink and purple cake topper
We had a lovely party, my sister and her flatmate also made lots of beautiful table centres using some of my Mum’s favourite flowers.
Tulips and daffs
Anyway I’ll be back later this week with some craft updates on the many projects I have been working on. In the mean time huge apologies for the delay in posting.
Pretty flowers in tin can

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