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Catchy title no. Oooh it’s been a busy week and knackering week. Bea has been teething (fabulous fun) and has had a very runny nose so she’s been grumpy and tired all week.

The almond milk that I mentioned in my last post turned out really well. It’s super easy to make so if you fancy having a go take a look at this video I don’t have a nut bag, so I just used a muslin (find a friend with a baby…they’ll have tons of them they can give you…if not you can get them really cheaply at Ikea).

I’ve finished the Little Sister Dress that I’ve been working on for what seems like forever (although in fact I only started it at the beginning of January so it took just a few of days over a month).
Little Sister Dress
I decided that it was a little boring so embellished it with a felt bird and a little bit of embroidery. I’ve never done this with knitting before but I think it’s a really easy was to make something look a little more interesting and twee (and for me twee is always a good thing in relation to children’s clothing).

There are more pictures on my Ravelry page (linked to above). In all honesty this dress bored me to tears…rows and rows of stocking stitch in such a tiny yarn do not make me happy. Also I completely buggered up the pattern several times which is why the opening on the wrong side of the neck for some reason. Oh and I didn’t have quite enough yarn so had to rip the bottom back THREE TIMES before I managed to get it looking OK. Pleased with how it looks now though…sorry the picture is crap, too cold to go outside hence rubbishy indoor light.

The January baking challenge fell by the wayside, but fear not I haven’t forgotten it. My sour dough starter is on the side in the kitchen and I’m waiting for it to start bubbling away. I’m using the method described in the River Cottage Everyday, if anyone reading has had success (or not) with this then leave a comment and let me know as I’m really interested to see how it’ll turn out.

In other news it has been incredibly cold here. So here’s a couple of pictures to make all you Brits realise how warm it’s really been with you. Thankfully I’m told it’s going to heat up a bit this week…which is good because I’m beyond bored with being freezing cold and indoors.Ice sculpture Nyon 2012Ice in Nyon January 2012Nyon 2012 Ice
Makes me realise how lucky I am not to live in Siberia to be honest!


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I do cook from other books but it does seem, at the moment, that I’m on a bit of a River Cottage Everyday baking spree.

These Booster Bars are delicious and really easy to make. But you must heed the warning from Hugh and let them go completely cold before your cut them up. I’d recommend letting them cool down from the oven before sticking them in the fridge for 30 minutes to ensure that they’re really hard before you take a knife to them.

Booster bars ready for eating
I’m beginning to think that all the recipes from this book are online, which makes me wonder if it’s worth buying, but then I suppose you don’t get all the lovely photos and the browsability of owning the book. You can find the Booster Bar recipe here.

You can add whatever seeds and dried fruit you happen to have in the house to the bars. These ones have dried apricots, raisins, and some chopped up figs. The seeds I used are sesame seeds and then a bag of mixed seeds that had lots of random things in that I couldn’t reallly identify, although there were certainly some pumpkin seeds.

If you don’t have crunchy peanut butter then just use the smooth stuff, I think it works just as well. And apparently you can just substitute a mashed banana for the peanut butter, but I haven’t tried that yet.

For those of you hoping to read about some other craft (knitting, sewing etc.) I’m sorry to inform you that I’m mainly working on Christmas gifts at the moment, which I can’t really blog about without fear of running the suprise for the recipent. But I do hope to bring you some baby knitting later in the week.

Have a good Monday! And thanks to everyone that’s been leaving comments, I love reading them.

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Yet another amazing recipe from River Cottage Everyday by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. This lemon trickle cake cooked beautifully and tastes really good. According to my chief taster it’s light and very lemony. And you are all in luck you do not need to buy the book in order to try this recipe out, you can get it on the River Cottage website.

River Cottage Lemon Trickle Cake
I’m a big fan of cakes that don’t require complicated fillings and this one definetly ticks this box. You make what seems like a relatively thick lemon icing, then skewer the top with holes and pour the icing over gently so that it soaks into the middle of the cake. I had planned to make a ginger cake but then I realised that I don’t have any golden syrup…and you can’t buy golden syrup in Swiss supermarkets. Mmmmm annoying.

I think the fact that there’s a decent oven in the new kitchen has helped somewhat. I made another loaf of bread a couple of days ago – the shape looked better (as I followed Kimberly’s advice and used a tin to cook it in) but the texture wasn’t quite as open/as good as the last one.

In other news I went to the Geneva Stitch ‘n’ Bitch last night and had a very nice time. I’m also reading the Age of Innocence, which I’m enjoying considerably more than when I had to read it in order to write an essay.
Heidi Milk
And here's something entertaining and Swiss for you. This is the milk that we have been buying…hilarious isn't it (it seems the Swiss have more of a sense of humour than we thought).

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