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Ta da! Here is the cardigan blocked and with buttons…sadly the weather is terrible so the pictures aren’t great as there’s very little light in the house.

It uses a free pattern called Cascade by Raya Budrevich from Petite Purls (which seems to be some sort of knitting collective for little people patterns). It’s a seamless raglan style cardigan knitted on circular needles. Wow what a quick little knit this was! I should make everything out of worsted weight yarn.

Cascade by Petite Purls

The yarn is Art by Colinette in the Magenta colourway. I’m not normally a fan of varigated yarn as I think they look a big mental (check out the cardigan on the model for the Art yarn on the Colinette website and you’ll see what I mean) but I think you can get away with it for a baby/young child.

I knew it would look great as my Mum had kntted a wrap baby cardigan using the same yarn in a different colourway which was lovely. (My not so subtle admiration of the cardigan my Mum knitted worked as she also made one for Beatrix for Christmas – yay!).

Leaf detail on Cascade by Petite Purls

Lovely yarn to work with, pattern was OK although I tried to use mods by Court and I have no idea if I actually managed to make them work or not. I think it looks better than if I’d followed the pattern. To be honest I think this cardigan looks better in the bigger sizes and in a none varigated yarn but I do like my finished item.

If you want to try this pattern then be aware that it comes up a little small…although this isn’t a problem when your baby./child is a little small too!

In other news I made a reindeer stew yesterday (it was half price at the supermarket). I can’t tell you what it tastes like because it’s in the freezer but I’m pretty sure it’ll be similar to venison. Leave me a comment if you’ve tried reindeer.


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This was one homemade Christmas present that I was really pleased with. It’s a scarf using one skein of the Artists Palette cloud that I made my Ishbel from (which I will show you as soon as I’ve woven in the ends and blocked it) – so although it’s expensive yarn it’s quite an economical way of using it.
Pearl barred scallop scarf
The pattern (which is available here for free on Ravelry) is a simple lace pattern and I’d recommend this as a first lace project as it’s very easy to see when you’ve gone wrong (although that didn’t stop me from knitting about 30 cm’s without the correct number of stitches – doh!).

The key to making this scarf look half decent is blocking it. Before I blocked it it just looked like a rag.
Detail pearl barred scallop scarf
I don’t think it would keep you very warm, so it’s probably more of a summer/autumn scarf than a depths of winter one. But the real advantage of using this weight yarn is that you can knit it in the summer without getting really hot so that you’re ahead on your Christmas list! This isn’t what I did, but it is what I intend to do every, single, year.

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Here is project number two for baby Ruffles. As yet we don’t know if we’re getting a boy or a girl (also know as the flavour of the baby). We do plan to find out…mainly becuase crafting is easier if you can choose patterns and colours based on gender rather than everything being unisex.

This is the Milo vest. The pattern is available on Ravelry, it comes in a massive range of sizes, and I don’t think it was pricey (worked out about £3.50 or something).

The designer has given you several cable options and the instructions are dead easy to follow (even if you’ve never really done cable like me). This is the best pattern I’ve ever bought. It’s well layed out, there are no mistakes, and the design and sizing makes it really versatile. I LOVED knitting this and so will definetly be making some more…it’s ace, such a clever design…wish I could design stuff like this.

Had a small amount of yarn left over so decided to make a pair of booties. These were from a book – and took me longer to knit than the vest, which is ridiculous when you consider the size. There was a mistake in the pattern (always check the author/publishers website before starting…this is my new moto), which annoys me given that it’s a proper book so one assumes they had people testing the various sizes.

Anyway the final result looks good and I’m pleased with them despite the hassle in getting there. The buttons are a couple of mother of pearl ones I had left over from knitting the Veyla gloves. Mark says the buttons are too girly for a boy but I completely disagree so they will not be changed regardless of the flavour of said baby.

If you have babies please tell me this vest is going to be useful (the head hole is really big I promise)…I’ll be really sad if actually my new favourite pattern is pretty but lacks usefullness.

Yarn details, and pattern details available on my Ravelry projects page.

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I’m currently off skiing so in my quest to be way more organised with this blog I have cleverly left a scheduled post (don’t you think technology is amazing).

As I’m skiing I thought I’d leave you with a skiing type picture.
The Boyfriend Hat

In January we (my other half and I) went skiing in St Anton, Austria. In preparation for this I made a lovely hat for Mark using the from the Stephanie Knits blog .

Those of you who read Kimberly’s blog will have already seen pictures of this hat, but I would like to point out that I made it first (I know I’m a child aren’t I).

This is a great pattern, the decreases are really easy, and if you have a partner with a giant head then you can easily scale it up.
Boyfriend Hat Decreases
Mark really does have a massive head (his snowboard helmet is an XXL – I kid you not) so I added an extra 10 stitches to the original pattern and an inch and half to the length so that it would cover the tops of his ears.

To be honest I think the extra length would have done it, this is such a super stretchy hat that I don’t think I really needed to the extra 10 stitches on the width.

The yarn used was Rowan Pure Wool Aran in Charcoal and it was knitted on 5mm needles. I knitted it when Mark wasn’t around but I think it only took me a few hours in total.

Generally a great free pattern and I would really recommend giving it a go.

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