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Where did January go?

Right well January went quickly didn’t it? I was full of good intentions, then Bea got ill, we had a house full of visitors and I just generally didn’t have much time for crafting and baking.

But yesterday was a certain little girls birthday and I did manage to make her a birthday cake for her first birthday party.

First birthday cake

A big thank you to those who lent me equipmemt for making and presenting the cake.

I used a recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible (which I got for Christmas) for Death by Chocolate Cake. I’m not going to type out the recipe again as someone else has already done it. It was nice, but I still think this recipe is better (although expensive).

Lizzy and Bea

The Mary Berry cake was a good one for a kids birthday party (I didn’t make two layers, I just put the icing on the top). It was light and well risen but tasted a bit too golden syrupy for me.

Top tip from Kimberly Williams on how to get those number shaped cake tins to work when they don’t have a bottom on them. Stick them on a baking tray and put a large, heavy, casserole dish on top. Also do what I didn’t and put it face down so that the flat bottom of the cake on the baking tray becomes the top…as I said I didn’t do this, let’s hope I remember for the next time I make a number shaped cake.

Remarkably I appear to have nearly finished a knitted dress for Bea. Top tip people – don’t knit using 4-ply it takes forever and when knitting stocking stitch in the round it’s very very tedious. Hope to be back with photos of that after the weekend when I’ll also have pics of my first attempt at a eat immediately fruit cake.


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